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Creative Room Divider Ideas: How to Divide a Room Without a Wall

April 30, 2022

Creating two separate living spaces from a single room can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Fortunately, Room Dividers Now has several easy solutions to solve this problem. 

Are you looking to create two distinct living spaces from a single room without closing either off? You can build a wall or two if you’re a homeowner willing to take on a big undertaking. However, what if you stay in rented accommodation or don’t want such a long-term solution with a hefty investment? An immediate thought that comes into mind is - How to Divide a Room Without a Wall? View full article →

Garage Divider: Garage Wall Divider Ideas

April 25, 2022

Transforming your garage into a home office, workout place, or entertainment space for your family is a tedious task. But fret not. Garage wall divider ideas by Room Dividers Now will help you redesign your space instantaneously.

A garage is a fascinating and multifunctional space. You can revamp it into a workstation, a play area, a workshop, or even a workout zone. You can even add extra living space that's less prone to planning complications.

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Studio apartment dividers: Room divider ideas for studio apartments

April 18, 2022

Looking for room divider ideas for studio apartments? Room Dividers Now will help you utilize and beautify your space without any expensive renovation.

Permanent room dividers like brick walls burn a big hole in your pockets. Furthermore, rental studio apartments or lofty spaces don't allow you to drill holes. Such situations necessitate studio room dividers that do not cause harm to the walls and divide the room to create space. 

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How to Have Privacy in a Dorm Room

April 18, 2022

Dorm rooms fail to give you privacy. As a result, you may wonder: how to separate dorm room? Room Dividers Now’s dorm room dividers will help you solve this problem by creating a partition.

Your dorm room is no less than your home during your college years. The walls of your dorm room hold secrets, unexpressed emotions, and unsaid words. However, you don’t get the dorm room entirely to yourself. You share it with your roommates, who often turn into your friends and family. 

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Partition Curtain Ideas to Divide a Room With Curtains

April 18, 2022

Finding an appropriate room divider to divide your space can be tricky. Thanks to Room Divider Now, you can now divide your room with partition curtains - a simple and aesthetic way to organize and make more space. 

Privacy is non-negotiable, and a room divider curtain is an easy way to create a private space. Room partition curtains aesthetically replace the brick walls while adding a beautiful look to the place. It is a realistic solution because building a wall isn’t always feasible.

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Gym dividers: How to use Dividers for Gyms

April 14, 2022

Setting up a gym at home can be hard. What’s harder is transforming the existing gym to make it more functional. Room Dividers Now can help you to solve this instantly.

Exercising must be an integral part of your life if you want to lead a healthy life. The benefits of exercising are endless. However, not everyone feels comfortable working out when others are around, especially in a public gym. The same problem can also arise at home. So how do you solve this problem? With the help of gym dividers.

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How to Divide a Small Room in Two

April 14, 2022

Dividing your room without heavily investing is a tricky spot to be in. But no more! Shared bedroom ideas for small rooms by Room Dividers Now will help you solve your problem.

Whether you live in a studio apartment or a five-bedroom house, there might arise occasions when you feel that the space is small. As a result, you may want to change the way it looks. However, a full-fledged renovation is expensive and time-consuming. Also, permanently renovating your space is a big no, especially if your place is on rent.

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Screen Ideas: Top 20 Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

April 12, 2022

Seeking outdoor privacy screen ideas? Room Dividers Now will help you make your garden and backyard a private space to relax or have fun, making it more lively.

Your outdoor areas like gardens, terraces, and porches are one of the coziest and most comfortable places to spend some alone time. You can sunbathe in peace, read a book, or simply have a meal with your family. So, your outdoor spaces need to be more private, whether from overlooking neighbors or strangers passing by. 

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Office Dividers: Home Office Room Divider Ideas

April 08, 2022

Do you enjoy working from home but avoid doing so because you don’t find a comfortable space? Why not divide your bedroom into two separate rooms - a private and a professional space? Room Dividers Now’s home office room divider can help you do that!

The pandemic has transformed our lives and work styles. Entirely working from home or in a hybrid model is the new normal. Surprisingly, people all over the world love this new normal, given its many benefits.

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Tension Rod Working: How do Tension Rods Works

April 07, 2022

Installing a tension rod can sometimes be confusing. You may not understand how does a tension rod work or how to make the most of them. Room Dividers Now will solve this problem for you. 

Tension rod curtains are essential if you live in dorms, studio apartments, and rentals. They come in handy when you cannot build a wall or install a room divider that requires drilling.

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