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How Room Dividers can Divide Large Rooms

July 28, 2016

Room Divider Kits: Perfect For Large Rooms

If you have a large room or space that needs to be made into a cohesive but shared area, a large room divider can make all the difference. This is a strategy you can use to divide and conquer any big space inexpensively.

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You Can Create A Room Divider Floor Plan

You can create a plan by drawing out your room. Include:

• The dimensions of the room

• The division or divisions you plan to make

• The necessary equipment you may need

• The colors that will suit the design best

• The type of fabric that will accomplish the task. We use a nice thick 100% polyester material

• The amount of money you have to spend

At the end of your planning stage, you can then decide whether you can afford to implement the divider. Remember, our dividers are a fraction of the cost of traditional pressurized walls.

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What Is a Large Hanging Room Divider Kit?

While purchasing the fabric to create a curtain room divider yourself may sound easy, it can be quite difficult. RoomDividersNow has gone to great lengths in order to assure that our room divider curtains are top quality and are sized perfectly for the majority of spaces. Purchasing the materials needed to install the divider can also be a challenge. If you purchase a RoomDividersNow Room Divider Kit, it will come with all of the items necessary to implement the device in your specific space. In essence, RoomDividersNow does all the work for you, kits come with everything you want and need to do the job:

• High quality room divider curtain(s)

• All necessary parts to install or build your room divider (adjustable rods, brackets, tri-pods, etc.)

A large room divider will make any space more livable; check out for more information.

How Room Dividers Play a Big Role in Small Apartment

July 28, 2016

Make the Most Out of Your Studio Apartment with Room Partitions:

Studio apartments are wonderful, but they lack the practicality of having your own space when company comes over. Room Partitions will allow you to partition off sections of your apartment when guests come over. You will no longer have to dine in your bedroom with the entire family! Room Dividers will give you the space and freedom you need to feel comfortable in your own home.

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How You Can Use a Room Partition to Make Your Living Space More Comfortable?

Room Divider Kits come in several different designs to ensure that anyone can use them. The first being a tension rod design which can divide a space up to 9.5 feet wide and requires no drilling. This allows you to do things such as creating a cozy bedroom area in your studio apartment, blocking off doorways that do not have proper doors in them, or using smaller parts of a room for storage. The second design is mounted to the ceiling (hanging room divider kits and ceiling track room divider kits); this is great for blocking off large sections of a room for things such as a bed or a kitchen area. Lastly, RoomDividersNow offers a unique free standing room divider kit that requires no drilling or permanent installation. This allows you to use a Room Partition in a house that is made of brick or any other material that is difficult to mount.

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Make Your Living Space More Comfortable

If you were to upgrade your studio apartment to one with several rooms it would cost you thousands of dollars to do so with systems such as pressurized walls. Curtain Room Partitions and Room Partition Kits are a great alternative that allows you to pay a small upfront cost and have the feeling of an extra room, without the hassle of construction.

How to Divide College Dorm Room for Privacy

July 28, 2016

Make the Most Out of Your Dorm Room:

Acclimating yourself to a new environment like a college campus is hard enough with the heavy work load you take on, but many aren’t prepared for the lack of privacy that awaits them at their new home. How do professors expect you to study in your room when your roommate is watching Netflix all day with the lights off? Room Divider Kits give college students the privacy and space they need to concentrate on their studies, as well as their sleep. A Room Divider allows for you to section off a part of your dorm room so you can have a lamp on and study in the same room, as your roommate that may be asleep. Freshmen in college will find that privacy is no longer an option and they will have to learn how to be comfortable with getting ready for the day while being surrounded by their roommates. Room Dividers can give college students a changing area where they feel comfortable to get dressed freely in their own living situation.


Why invest in a Room Divider in College?

Investing in your future is important, and that is why Room Dividers are an inexpensive solution that can be used more than once. Room Dividers are easy to assemble and can follow you throughout your entire college experience.

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Room Divider Curtains vs Temporary Walls

July 28, 2016

Why use a Room Divider Kit instead of installing a Pressurized Wall?

Everyone loves to have their own space, and for some the thought of even sharing their space with a roommate makes them cringe. When looking at options for dividing a space many automatically think of installing a pressurized wall.  The problem with installing a pressurized wall is that it is very expensive and not a smart long term investment. If you live in an apartment building you will have to pay for the installation of the wall and removal of the wall before you vacate the apartment. The number one problem with even attempting to install a wall in an apartment building is that many buildings do not allow for them to be installed, as they conflict with fire codes. Need an excellent solution? A Room Divider Kit will provide the same exact feel of a wall, but without the hassle and expense.

Why invest in a Room Divider Kit?

The installation of a pressurized wall is expensive and will only last you for the time you stay in one space. Room Divider Kits allow you to divide your apartment or home at your own leisure. The best part about room divider kits is that they are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and can be used over and over again. Visit today to find the perfect divider to give you your own personal space.

Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit


July 28, 2016

RoomDividersNow is the premier supplier of fabric style room dividers on the market today.

Our curtain room dividers are economically priced and provide customers with a great way to divide a room, create privacy or just hide clutter. Our unique room divider kits come with everything needed to create and separate spaces up to 50 feet wide. Whether you live in a shared bedroom, studio, dorm, or apartment, our top quality room divider kits can separate and compliment your space with ease. We are seeing new and innovative ways our customers are “dividing and conquering" space everyday. Utilize our dividers to repurpose a room or space in your house, create the perfect amount of privacy in a shared bedroom, hide clutter, separate functions, reduce sunlight, the problem solving uses go on and on. Attractive, inexpensive, and easily installed, our curtain room dividers & room divider kits can be the perfect answer to your space or storage needs.

Shared Bedroom - Privacy at Last!

July 08, 2016

Shared bedrooms can be an important part of growing up with your siblings... But can't we at least give a brotha and sista a bit of privacy??? Room Divider Kits create and separate space in minutes! ‪#‎DivideAndConquer‬


RoomDividersNow New Custom Boxes!

July 08, 2016

Keep a look out for one of our new RoomDividersNow boxes on a doorstep near you! Big thanks to Herman-Scheer or making our vision for the perfect box come to life and also to Custom Boxes Now for creating the best custom boxes this side of the Mississippi River! ‪#‎DivideAndConquer‬


How To Install a Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit

June 29, 2016

Step By Step Process

Check our new "How-To" video for our Ceiling Track Room Divider Kits. This kit is the newest addition to our product line, backed by popular demand, and glides open and closed like butter on a Tuesday evening in late April! If you have any questions, please let us know and we'll recommend the perfect room divider kit for your space. #‎DivideAndConquer‬


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