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Room divider kits

Starting at: $189.99

Best suited for: Spaces from 5ft to 36ft wide. When every inch of floor - or ceiling space - matters most, our Zenfinit Room Divider Kit is ready for the challenge. The tiny footprint and versatile set-up options maximize your space and privacy. Did we mention it's drill-free? Just twist, extend and enjoy.

This Solution loves:

  • Shared Rooms
  • Studios & Apartments, Dorms & Sublets
  • Office Space
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
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Room divider kits

Starting at: $339.99

Best suited for: Spaces from 5ft to 36ft wide. Look no further for wall to wall privacy. Set it up flush against a wall or freestanding in the middle of any room, in a straight line or at right angles.

This Solution loves:

  • Shared Rooms
  • Studios & Lofts
  • Dorms & Sublets
  • Trade Shows
  • Office Space
  • Open-Settings
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Ceiling track
Room divider kits

Starting at: $109.99

Best suited for: Spaces from 3ft to 18ft wide with flat ceilings.

User friendly. Elegant. Our Ceiling Track Room Divider Kits look great in any setting. The ceiling track and roller hooks give this divider the ability to open and close with ease.

This Solution loves:

  • Shared Bedrooms
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Flat Ceilings
  • Studio Apartments
  • Storage Areas
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Tension rod
Room divider kits

Starting at: $77.99

Best suited for: Spaces from 2ft 4in to 12ft 6in wide.

The ultimate multipurpose divider kit, this kit is the perfect solution for those spaces where drilling isn’t allowed. Simply adjust the rod to the size of your space and let the spring loaded tension do the rest!

This Solution loves:

  • Dorm Rooms
  • Rental Units
  • Studio Apartments
  • Closets
  • Sublets
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Room divider kits

Starting at: $229.99

Best suited for: Spaces from 7ft to 50ft wide.

Each Freestanding Room Divider Kit comes with an independent hanging system. Set-up is a breeze - no drilling required.

This Solution loves:

  • Open Settings
  • Raised Ceilings
  • Lofts
  • Offices
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
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Room divider kits

Starting at: $89.99

Best suited for: Spaces from 3ft to 25ft wide.

Strong & sturdy, this kit comes with everything needed to rescue your problem space.

This Solution loves:

  • Shared Bedrooms
  • Studio Apartments
  • Storage Areas
  • Basements
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  • Easy to set-up!

    Perfect solution when my daughter had to occupy the living room in an apartment as her bedroom. Makes the space feel like a private bedroom and was so much more affordable than the other room divider or partition options out there!

  • Worked great for our kids bedroom

    It arrived sooner than anticipated which I was very very happy about. Good quality, sturdy, and served the purpose of dividing a bedroom for 2 children.

  • Excellent home office divider

    This room divider kit could not have been easier to set up. Helped create a really nice private work area for myself in our basement. I finally have a home office :)

  • Tons of Compliments :)

    Very good quality, we were impressed and already have received compliments from visitors to our home on the appearance, style, and quality of the kit.

  • Time for another!

    This divider is perfect! We purchased it for an office at work and I love it so much I am going to get one for my house!

  • Great NYC Divider

    I used this to split a bedroom with a roommate in NYC. This divider kit is fantastic. Looks nice and really makes a great room divider. Very happy with this purchase!

  • Great solution to a common problem!

    Just what we wanted. It looks good and works great. Worked perfect for creating privacy in our shared bedroom.

  • Best Option on the Market!

    Love it! It was exactly what I was looking for and it was honestly the best priced option and easiest install as well. I looked at alot of different room divider options and these kits still came out on top. I recommend it.

  • Excellent for creating privacy!

    Just moved into a new apartment and needed to split up a living room/bedroom area, this was the perfect room divider! Thinking of buying another.

  • Amazing Customer Service

    I highly recommend RoomDividersNow. Any question or concern I had was promptly answered. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and completely satisfied with their product.


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